General Manager, Nerano, Beverly Hills


Nick DiLullo grew up in San Carlos, a small suburb of Northern California near Silicon Valley. Passionate about music, Nick studied music technology and worked industry jobs while in college. To earn money he worked as a bartender in a local restaurant.

He was a quick study, becoming the bar manager in fast ascension.  Music study helped him gain a focus to detail; his natural skill with people served him well in the hospitality industry. And he could really mix a mean mojito.


The restaurant’s owner, Greg St. Claire, formed a bond with Nick and valued his powerful ambition and work ethic – skills that his parents stressed as assets to becoming successful in life choices. Before long Nick was offered his first General Manager position at NOLA in Palo Alto.


At NOLA, Nick nimbly learned the numbers, understanding a restaurant is a study in production where every small facet of the business can turn into failure if not handled immediately and precisely. His tenacious efforts helped NOLA’s profits grow significantly.


Other jobs followed, including MATRIX Fillmore, a Plumpjack property in San Francisco. Nick handled the entire operation and immersed himself in the community, spearheading political fundraising for local politicians and neighborhood organizations. Nick’s next move was to the legendary BIX, the city’s favorite supper club created by Doug Biederbeck, a key influence in Nick’s career and future.


At BIX, Nick worked closely with Biederbeck as his Assistant General Manager. Doug set the tone for professionalism; to go beyond just good and achieve the best in every detail. Nick came to understand that a restaurant is a cultural experience dictated by pairing a winning ambiance, décor, cocktails, service, food, wine, art and people. When in perfect balance, the restaurant and the operator can strike – as they say in the music world – a “major chord.”


After five years at BIX, Nick became a highly-regarded San Francisco independent restaurant consultant, bringing to fruition Osteria Copa and Maybeck’s. Nick had his hand in every aspect of hospitality production, overseeing construction, menu development, bar program design, hiring, training and fine-tuning business operations.


Eager to expand his horizons, Nick was ready for another adventure and signed up with a hospitality recruiter who found him a home with the Toscana Restaurant Group, noted for the celebrated Toscana in Brentwood, Nick moved to Southern California with his wife and young son to begin work at NERANO, the group’s latest restaurant concept in Beverly Hills, across from the Waldorf Astoria and just down the street from the Peninsula.


Nick is working overtime as he readies NERANO for their fall debut while simultaneously studying for his Sommelier degree. In time there should be a handsome payoff for his hard work and time to soak up the California sunshine.  His ever-presence at NERANO is bound to create harmony in a room that will benefit from the cool, experienced and steady hand of Nick DiLullo.